The exploits of Boris Johnson


You can’t call them achievements. They’re exploits. As in: you’re being exploited by the character of Boris Johnson, a man who is – genuinely – our Prime Minister.

The more you know about him, the more you’re sure he should be in prison.

I fully expect to add to this on an almost daily basis.

  1. Spread the lie about EU law on straight bananas
  2. Spread lie about EU banning prawn cocktail crisps
  3. Invented lie about EU introducing mandatory smaller coffins
  4. Invented lie about EU demanding plastic wrapping around kippers
  5. Lied that 80 million people from Turkey would come to UK if we didn’t leave EU
  6. Then lied that he’d lied about Turkey
  7. Sacked from The Times for inventing a quote then lying about having invented it
  8. Found guilty of misrepresenting facts by IPSO
  9. Sacked from Tory front-bench for lying about an affair
  10. Accused of misuse of public funds, and…

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